Daisy Dreams

Roxanne Night Lamp


Roxanne is a beautiful night lamp with her flowers encased in a dome in full bloom. Display Roxanne by your bedside and let her light up not just your room, but your mood too! Gift Roxanne to your loved ones to remind them that you’re always cheering them on! Take comfort in her gorgeous glow as you rest and anticipate the goodness of tomorrow!

Pink | Red | Purple

W 17 X H 20 cm

Night Light Guidelines💡

🌸 Press and hold the power button to adjust the light intensity; brightness is easily adjustable!

*Note: the power button is a touch sensor

Arrangement includes:

  • Preserved Daisy Dreams flowers
  • USB charging cable
  • Care card
  • Gift card

*Our flowers are treated with a non-toxic, non-corrosive proprietary solution to create long-lasting flowers that will continue to look fresh for years.


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