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Daisy Dreams and Product Care

Daisy Dreams designs timeless flowers that lasts for years. A Daisy Dreams arrangement encapsulates the natural beauty of fresh flowers with eternal grace, providing you with love and luxury all year round. We preserve flowers professionally at the peak of their bloom to ensure top quality satisfaction with the look and feel of our flowers fresh, frozen in time.

Every Daisy dreams arrangement is a unique piece handcrafted with love and perfection by our flower design specialist who curates these pieces with naturally occurring flowers. Hence there may be slight variations in flower shape, size and colour.

Tips for caring for your Daisy Dream arrangement:

  • No water, fertiliser or sunlight is required.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid pressing or bending the flowers and be mindful when handling the arrangement as the flowers are delicate.
  • Dust can be removed with cool gentle hairdryer airflow.

About Us

Daisy Dreams believes in the experience of flower-giving. Flowers aren’t just for occasions and birthdays and anniversaries. Flowers are for the mundane every day, the days where she longs for more, until she steps home and sees the flowers you bought sitting on the table alongside a handwritten card. That’s when the ordinary day transforms into something beautiful and special and her face breaks out to a smile, and the flowers? They serve as a crucial reminder of love.

Daisy Dreams believes that these moments and reminders of love should last, that they should forever be etched in your memory with every glance upon the flowers. Preserved flowers that lasts for a lifetime keeps these memories fresh in your head, walking by these timeless flowers reminds us even on our worst days that Our Love is Eternal.

Designed as decorative pieces, we draw inspiration from interior design to ensure that each of our Daisy Dreams arrangements perfectly brightens up every household with its long lifespan. Aesthetically pleasing, place them anywhere in the house and they are sure to light up your space.

Preserve your happy memories with our preserved flowers.


Daisy Dreams