Daisy Dreams

Michelle Night Lamp


This stunningly decorated desk lamp is the perfect item to display on your table as you work, read, study, or relax! Take a break and admire Michelle’s beauty as her comforting shine encourages you to push on and live out your best life!

Baby Blue | Pastel Pink | Deep Red | Purple

W 20 X H 23 cm

Night Light Guidelines💡

🌸 Tap gently on the power button to change the colour of the lights, which comes in a total of 3 colours!

🌸 Press and hold the power button to adjust the light intensity; brightness is easily adjustable!

*Note: the power button is a touch sensor

Arrangement includes:

  • Preserved Daisy Dreams flowers
  • USB charging cable
  • Care card
  • Gift card

*Our flowers are treated with a non-toxic, non-corrosive proprietary solution to create long-lasting flowers that will continue to look fresh for years.


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