Daisy Dreams

Elizabeth Bluetooth Speaker


An elegant single stalk of premium preserved rose arranged in a Bluetooth speaker with beautiful fairy lights. The perfect combination of music, lights and beauty, our Elizabeth Bluetooth speaker produces high-quality audio and quick charging, guaranteed to liven up any space.

Note: Elizabeth is made with a Styrofoam padded base, allowing it to be opened safely for a choice of an opened or closed dome design!

Pastel Pink | Deep Red

D 8 X H 22 cm


  • 8 hours of battery life
  • Fast charging
  • High audio quality
  • LED fairy lights
  • Hassle-free Bluetooth connection

Arrangement includes:

  • Preserved Daisy Dreams flowers
  • Gift box
  • Care card
  • Gift card

*Our flowers are treated with a non-toxic, non-corrosive proprietary solution to create long-lasting flowers that will continue to look fresh for years.


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