Daisy Dreams

Caroline Aroma Diffuser


Does your room feel stuffy and stifling sometimes? Our cheerfully decorated aroma diffusers will be your breath of fresh air! Fill Caroline with sweet essential oils, or even just water, and let her fill the air with a fresh fragrance! Arranged with an assortment of beautiful pastel preserved and dried flowers carefully selected by our florists, our Caroline aroma diffuser doubles up as both an aroma diffuser as well as a beautiful night lamp or décor, perfect as a home or office decoration.  Our Caroline aroma diffusers are also a very practical and thoughtful gift for your loved ones, to remind them that they are your comfort and strength when you feel overwhelmed. Bright, pure, and fragrant, use Caroline to brighten up your room with soft warm yellow hues or fun colourful lights —she’s the one for you!

Deep Red | Tiffany Blue | Pink

D 12 X H 18 cm


  • 2 LED light settings
  • 2 levels of misting
  • For oil and water-based essential oils

Arrangement includes:

  • Preserved Daisy Dreams flowers
  • Singapore charging adapter
  • Care card
  • Gift card

*Our flowers are treated with a non-toxic, non-corrosive proprietary solution to create long-lasting flowers that will continue to look fresh for years.

Wonder how it will look like with customisation? Click here to see a preview!


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