Why Preserved Flowers Are Better Than Fresh Flowers

7 Reasons Why Preserved Flowers Are Better Than Fresh Flowers

1. Long Lasting, Long Lifespans

Preserved flowers potentially could last between 1 to 3 years, depending on the environmental conditions of the storage space. The optimal conditions for viewing would be from 6-12 months, however you can prolong the optimality of your flowers if they are well maintained (Cool, dry conditions away from sunlight and heat)


2. Easily Maintained

Unlike traditional fresh flowers, preserved flowers do not necessitate constant watering, exposure to sunlight and the huge maintenance costs that come with the time and effort invested. This makes it the ideal gift for the perfect working adult, allowing you to utilise your time more wisely!


3. Reduce Waste, Save Time

Long lasting and easily maintained preserved flowers translate to a reduced need to replace the flowers. For events over a prolonged period, you would probably need to throw away the wilted flowers constantly replacing them. However, preserved flowers cannot wilt, reducing the need to replace them! Thus, saving time, energy and money.


4. Cost-effective and Cheaper

Fresh flowers are extremely expensive, the average price for a fresh flower arrangement starts from $300. Comparatively, a preserved flower arrangement costs half that amount starting from $150 making it cost-effective and cheaper both in the short term and the long term!


5. Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Fresh flowers produce large amounts of floral wastage compared to preserved flowers. Studies have also found that fresh flowers contribute significantly to chemical pollution (Pesticides used in growing the flowers to the refrigerants used in transporting them). Switch to preserved flowers to promote sustainability, reduce chemical pollution, carbon emissions and organic wastage!


6. Time-sensitivity

Preserved flowers do not suffer from deterioration or decomposition in the short-term. They can be ordered ahead of time for display and collection and still maintain their fresh-look and graceful quality!


7. Versatility and Utility

Preserved flowers are extremely versatile, useful for all occasions. Based on the event, they can be easily customised to match and suit colour palettes.

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