Floriography: The beautiful meaning behind the number of Roses

Floriography: The beautiful meaning behind the number of Roses


When you first observe a red rose, what sentiments does it evoke? Most of you would reminisce your own romantic encounters, thoughts of your partner are probably filling your head right now. How about white roses? Weddings, parties, christenings of children pop into your head.

The “hidden” meaning behind flowers are probably so inherently familiar to you, without you realising it. Our poetry, art and literature constantly utilise flowers to express and symbolise emotion and connection. From William Shakespeare to Modern day Romanic Comedies, flowers have always been used to express nuanced meaning. After all, if a picture speaks a thousand words, a gift of a flower would speak equally as much.

To help you in uncovering this symbolism, we have decided to share with you this guide to demystifying the numerology of roses! Perhaps, you can send your special someone a wonderful message!

1 Rose – “The only one for me”, Love at first sight

3 Roses – “You are my everything”, Love Encompassing

5 Roses – “Be mine this Valentine”, Confession of Love

7 Roses – “I can’t deny my feelings for you any longer”, Lovelorn Infatuations

9 Roses – “My Everlasting Lover “, Eternal Love

10 Roses – “You are Perfect”, Perfect Love, Perfect Partner

13 Roses – “Friends Forever”, Lovely Friendship

50 Roses – “Unconditional Love”, Love Transcends

99 Roses – “Till Death Do Us Part”, Love Everlasting


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